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Every year until May 5 from April 25, is that "Bunkyo-ku, azalea festival" in Bunkyo Nezu Shrine is done. The event begins from 1970, now become a thriving turnout for each year has been in the spring of specialty events Bunkyo. Nezu Shrine of precincts is also about twenty-three thousand square meters, has planted about three thousand pieces of azalea. Although azalea garden of slope does not put a person is usually, during the azalea festival period is open until the evening. White, red, red purple, Zhu, whom a pink such as colorful azalea flowers are competing bloom all at once is a spectacular, the reservoir breath from female customers of here and there, "Well beautiful ..." "'d be great error" voice of Gray is leaking come. Whitish of the Moyuru as red is a "sunrise" red mingled "Shofu of Mine", "large purple", "small purple" of the street its name, there is some are rare yellow of. Have him burning Wi or so elegant haiku is threatened of azalea or Wi to the remnants of short Supplementary is suspended Oedo now flock azalea Sonohato in some places of azalea. Blooms in early spring, color is also lighter, unlike Sakura you have hidden the transience Some graceful, the color of azalea blooming in early summer strongly, seems particularly fiery is when the flowers red azalea is gregarious, the viewer of the mind mysterious I shake. The white flowers are only drink white breath as too white. Overall azalea you are unlike para color's but a vivid color monotone, it matches well with the green of fresh young leaves, can you tell the coming of bright early summer. Azalea garden here is terribly big no, quite beautiful in harmony well with the building of the old shrine. Variety of events is carried out during the period of the azalea festival, also leave a lot of stalls. Also from the shrine is also awarded thing called "Chimaki of amulet". The ? those put to hang the entrance of the house. Precincts (past twenty thousand pyeong = also had 66,000 square meters) is Roku-dai Shogun Sen Teiato, Akebono of village or just to have been Serra Oka and Ni azalea,, but had a lot of azalea to prewar , after the war it had been completely lost. When the era comes calm, occur voice nostalgic the azalea, parishioners we started planting from 1965 around, could stunning azalea garden today. Site Listings link power order Since membership is overwhelmingly large, the encounter also found soon! Let's find a new meeting in Japan's largest community site of PCMAX. Difficult car insurance that understand it have been subdivided. The completely different and if you know the basic thing. And you need to select the most suitable car insurance was to myself in preparation for when an emergency. If worldwide to buy cheaply your medicine Viagra of ED measures are gaining popularity, it is overseas mail order. Medicine, such as genuine Viagra can be purchased very cheaply. Now of age, do not forget at the same time apply for any insurance and purchase of the car! Please use the page of easy automobile insurance quote If you want to find the insurance. There are a variety of dating site, but among them excited mail popular site that Sakura is not few. Functions and how to play it is exciting mail information site such. If you want to find a nice encounter, Japan, one of the largest dating community Happy mail is WEEK. Since the number of members is overwhelmingly difference and other sites, you will find the encounter with the kit nice person. 1. Above high page rank site 2. Above issued link a small number of sites in the page at the same rank to each other (first-come, first-served basis) 3. Ranking will be on when the outgoing link count is less than 1/6 of the higher-ranking site Most rank high site to site collection top, followed are sequentially posted on each site collection. In addition, I have set the number of outgoing links of all the pages in this site collection within 100. Posted to this site collection Page Rank 3 or more that you link to this site, outgoing link number 100 within the site will be posted immediately When you register a new registration form.

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